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As a registered GTTF member, your door is wide open. All future Taekwondo Dan ranks, qualification certificates, appointment letters, awards certificates, etc; and invitations to notable world-class Taekwondo events are only available to those who have completed their membership registration. If you are Dojang owner, please register both Dojang and Individual membership.

The Global Traditional Taekwondo Federation (GTTF) stands as an organization deeply committed to honouring and acknowledging the contributions made by each kwan towards the evolution of Taekwondo. We extend an open invitation to all kwan members to join and support our global community, where traditional Taekwondo's foundational values are esteemed and preserved. At GTTF, we celebrate the rich history and diverse heritage of Taekwondo, fostering an inclusive environment where every contribution is valued and respected.

Global Traditional Taekwondo Federation

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