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Who are we

GTTF is a neo-classic Taekwondo group that protects the forgotten values and techniques of traditional Taekwondo and seeks to strengthen and develop them. GTTF aims to be a Martial Art Taekwondo that goes beyond the sparring and poomsae competition commonly seen in Modern Day Sport Taekwondo. The mental attitude of the practitioner takes precedence over the scoring system seen in the game. Self-defense, breaking, and Taekwondo etiquette are also important virtues of training. Poomsae (form) training aims to capture the spirit of mental and physical cultivation based on solid fundamentals, Gyeoroogi (sparring) emphasizes the harmony of strength and speed, Hosinsool (self-defense)can be used on the street and hone the skills accordingly, and Kyukpa (breaking) trains the body and mind to concentrate the body and mind to produce formidable power, and it is a traditional Taekwondo organization that places great importance on the character and etiquette of Taekwondo people.


GTTF wants to be with Kukkiwon. This is because Kukkiwon plays the role of the parents in Taekwondo. This is because parents are responsible for preserving the discipline of Taekwondo, guiding Taekwondo people to the right path, and maintaining and developing the roots of Taekwondo that have been passed down from generation to generation. We, GTTF, want to preserve discipline stronger than Kukkiwon, guide Taekwondo people to the right path more strongly, and maintain and develop the roots of Taekwondo that have been passed down from generation to generation with more strength.

Global Traditional Taekwondo Federation

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